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Video Scribe Sample By Fire Starter Videos

What do video scribe companies do?

Video scribing is now one of the most popular video animation formats in the world. Made popular by a series of videos released by TheRSA.org, scribe videos hold viewer attention because the outcome is not revealed unless you stay the course and watch until the end. There’s lots of video scribe companies out there, so take your time to asses the various suppliers and compare their work carefully.

Who uses video scribing companies?

These days all kinds of companies ranging from large corporations through to small businesses use video scribing companies to help them explain their products and services. In our view, whiteboard animation or “scribe videos” are best suited to explaining technical processes or abstract ideas. To that end, whenever you are trying to explain something technical through video, make sure that in the script you give the viewer a general context by comparing your idea or product to something they are already familiar with. This is called “relating the unknown to the known” and it can quickly bring the viewer up to speed.

Fire Starter Videos is one of the top video scribe companies in the world.

At Fire Starter Videos we are experts at helping clients distill the key messages from their vast pools of information, showcasing only those ideas that have the most impact in regard to causing their audiences to take action.

We have produced scribe videos for UNICEF , several governments and all kinds of companies.

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Scribe Videos
This image is an example of a scribe video. Notice the hand that is shown onscreen while the video is narrated.


Scribe Videos
This is a still taken from an animated cartoon. As you can see, these are different to a scribe video – as illustrated above.
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