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Why video scribing works

Video scribing is an awesome way to engage an audience in the process of learning. Sure we all appreciate an artist doing their thing, but there’s something deeper than that. Seeing another person’s thought process materialize in front of us through whiteboard animation is kind of like how we might feel if all of a sudden our dogs started talking. Oh wow! That’s what you’re thinking!

Video scribing cuts through the noise

These days, in a world where many of us are constantly plugged into the Matrix, humans have become awesome at sorting high quality information from low quality noise. Now more than ever, the quality of your company’s messaging is critical.

Long before an artist puts marker to whiteboard, quality thinking has to go into what you are going to say, why you are going to say it and to whom you are going to say it. Sadly, too many companies think about none of the above and therefor they produce tepid, boring messages that are aimed at everyone and connect deeply with no one.

Minis, Hummers and effective video scribing.

One of my favorite marketing analogies is the one about Minis and Hummers. I learned it from the high-priest of modern marketing, Seth Godin. In one of his books, Seth points out that two of the break-out hits in the US automotive industry in recent years were the humble Mini and mighty Hummer. These two cars couldn’t be more different in every way except one. They both sit at the extremes of the bell curve.

Video scribing puts you to the edges.

By choosing a format like video scribing, whiteboard animation or high speed sketch video to communicate your company’s message, you are moving yourself into a sphere of trust that says – Hey, I think my message is strong enough and my audience smart enough, that I don’t need to make a fancy videos with special effects or hire good looking actors to read boring corporate messages, I just need to tell a good story.

That is heart and vibe of good video scribing.

Here’s a cool video we made that I think tells a really cool story.


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