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“Videos Corporate” – A Growing Search Term For Good Reason!

In a recent report by Invodo, 52 percent of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchasing decisions. Whoa! 52%? That’s a considerable statistic that all businesses with an online presence should be paying attention to. “Videos Corporate” is being searched more often for a very good reason.

Only 24% of corporate companies are currently using marketing videos to reach consumers…

According to Kantar Media, only 24% of corporate companies are currently using marketing videos to reach their clients. That means that some 76% are yet to enter the marketplace and create their first live action, animated video or whiteboard animation video. This means that if you’re searching “videos corporate” right now, then you are ahead of a vast majority of your competitors.

The advantages of animated marketing videos over live action videos

These days, more and more corporate clients are turning to companies like us to produce animated marketing videos because of time, cost and the ability to tweak the videos at any time in the future without being at the mercy of live actors and production crews. Animated marketing videos are extremely affordable, quick to make and can be extremely effective if done well.

The time is now and the math is simple – act on your “video corporate” search today!

If 52% of consumers are saying they are more likely to buy when you use video to reach them, and only 24% of your competitors have woken up to this opportunity, then now is the time to act. Here at Fire Starter Videos we have been making corporate marketing videos for clients like MasterCard, UNICEF, the World Bank, McKinsey and others for a while and we love it.

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