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Voice Artists and Workers. Meet our team.

Fire Starter Videos is an LA-based video production company that specializes in making explainer and animated marketing videos using top voice artist talent.

Our team consists of highly talented writers, voice artists and creative professionals who relish the opportunity to help businesses of all sizes tell their stories better through animation videos, hand craft videos, high speed sketch videos or whiteboard animation videos. Our prices are among the lowest in the United States and our pricing model is flexible depending on what you need.

Meet the Team
Our Office Dog: Gozer Gozer – Fire Starter Mascot & Comfort Creature

This rambunctious, snuggly little Boston Terrier can often be found rolling around on the floor of our office or taking leisurely naps on the laps of our staff as they work.

Gozer has been cuddling at a professional level for over a year, and she also advertises our services from time to time by trotting down Hollywood Blvd wearing her official Fire Starter Videos hoodie.

Turn-ons: Peanut butter, warm laundry. Turn-offs: Loud noises, blueberries.

C.E.O Adam Hudson Adam Hudson
Adam is the founder and CEO of Fire Starter Videos. Formerly from Australia, Adam first discovered animated videos when he hired a company to produce four explainer videos for another company he used to own. After seeing the profound impact these videos had on his sales he eventually sold the business and started Fire Starter Videos.

Today Fire Starter Videos has produced animations for companies as large as MasterCard right through to start-ups, non-profits, Governments, charities and NGOs. It is one of the busiest animation studios in America.

Prior to founding Fire Starter, Adam co-founded the largest crowd funding platform in Australia, the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board, which has so far raised more than $130,000,000 in seed funding for early stage businesses and inventors. The business was recently featured in Forbes magazine as a pioneer in the crowd funding space worldwide.

Script Writer: Jessica Anderson Jessica Anderson – Script Writer Extraordinaire

As the daughter of a father who broke ground in pharmaceutical marketing and a mother who broke anything in reach when her football team lost, it's no wonder that Jessica's life journey has led to Firestarter.

Her offbeat combination of business know how and mastery of the creative arts, along with her deep-seated love for the Chiefs has helped propel her writing to the stage, the web and now, to your product or service.

In addition to churning out the funny for Firestarter, she's a content contributor to Manifesto, a Brand Declaration Agency and founder of an LA collective that creates brand-driven YouTube content.

Head Production Manager: Donnelle Fuller Donnelle Fuller – Head Production Manager

Originally from Chicago, IL, Donnelle graduated from Illinois State University with a useless double BA in English and Acting. As the head Production Manager at Fire Starter Videos, she now puts those parent-disappointing degrees into enthusiastically successful practice by acting as the liaison between Fire Starter’s clients and their animation team. Using her finely-honed communication skills and eye for artistic detail, Donnelle gently takes clients by the hand and guides them through the production process to make sure their videos turn out as fun and informative as possible. Oh, and her parents are proud of her now. She would have made a lousy pharmacist anyway.

Production Manager: Ash Mahtani Ash Mahtani – Production Manager

When Ash is not working as a Production Manager at Fire Starter, Ash spends his time making people feel uncomfortable on airplanes and writing children’s books about sad things. He has a completely useless screenwriting degree from Emerson College and a dog named Flake who lives in New Jersey. Ash loves dogs, comic books, Christmas, and cooking. He gets way too excited about organization and correcting grammatical errors. One time, he ate a whole rotisserie chicken. If any of his friends ask, he totally makes cartoons.

Business Development: Robert Botts Robert Botts – Head nice guy and new customer getter
Rob grew up in the small town of North Attleboro Massachusetts where he and his two brothers lived and worked with their parents on an apple orchard. When he wasn't picking, washing or sorting those apples, Rob spent most of his hours as a child playing sports, drawing cartoons and making home movies.

Along with being an actor in Los Angeles (no way! Really?) he is also a published cartoonist on both the east and west coasts. “Boston Bobby” fills the pages of The Sun Chronicle newspaper back east while “Only in L.A.” finds its way every week to the Tolucan Times newspaper out here on the west coast. At his core, Rob is a creative, hard working actor/cartoonist/salesman that is dedicated to each and every one of the people he works with.

Administration: Andrea Jimenez Andrea Jimenez – Administration Guru
Andrea has over 10 years experience working in the film and television industry. She worked on several award-winning films including “Crash” which won three Oscars.

After becoming super-mom to two beautiful girls, she joined Fire Starter Videos where she handles administration and voice over production. In her spare time she enjoys weekend wine-tasting trips to Santa Barbara – some of which she actually remembers.

If any of these voice samples fail to start, try using a different browser.

Voice Artists: Mike O'BrianMike O’Brian – Voice Artist
Does the voice sound familiar? Los Angeles based voice artist Mike O’Brian has been chosen to provide his voice for some of the world’s biggest companies including: Amazon, Sprint, Paypal, Discovery, Levi’s, ESPN, Microsoft, Facebook and many others.
Nobody does conversational, friendly, guy next door like Mike O’Brian. His fun, natural, down to earth read makes him one of the most in demand voice talents in America.

Fun fact: in college Mike interviewed Morgan Freeman on the set of Shawshank Redemption, a once in a lifetime opportunity that ultimately inspired him to become a voice actor.

Listen to Mike

Voice Artists: Cheryl ChaseCheryl Chase – Otherwise know as “Angelica” in “Rugrats”

Cheryl Chase has a unique and infectious sound quality that catches your attention. She is a 20 year veteran in the animation industry and has used her diverse vocal talents for many cartoon shows on various networks including Disney and the Cartoon Network.

She is most famous for voicing the character Angelica for the global franchise “Rugrats” which still airs on Nickelodeon.

If you want people to sit up and take notice then Cheryl is the “one” for you. As a voice artist she has many shades: friendly, genuine, personable, warm, with a little bit of quirky bubbliness.

She has voiced commercials for Mercedes, AT&T, Mattel, Olive Garden and Honda to name a few. Cheryl is very experienced at pulling the listener “in” and have them wanting more!

Cheryl is also a gifted writer with two years experience at a Writers Boot Camp and has written snappy content for business websites. She is ready to help you express your perfect vision for your video.

Listen to Cheryl

Voice Artist: Bill De WeesBill De Wees – Voice Artist
Bill DeWees is a Chicago based, 30 year voice artist veteran of radio, TV and voice-overs. He is sought out for his highly relatable and genuine guy next door approach to voice overs. He has recorded thousands of commercials, corporate projects, and audiobooks. Billâ„¢s credits include Warner Bros., Sears, American Express, Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, John Deere, AstraZeneca, Merck, Verizon, Purina, Lowe’s, Whirlpool, Wild Planet Toys, Accenture, and National Geographic.

Listen to Bill

Voice Artist: Sanjo OgunseyeSanjo Ogunseye – African Accent
Sanjo is an African and global voice artist heard on diverse works for international organizations like the United Nations, Mastercard, World Bank, PR Newswire, Deloitte, Etihad Airways, Transparency International and many others. Clients from around the world choose him for their voice over projects because of the warmth, realness and authenticity he brings to each project.

Listen to Sanjo

Voice Artist and Script Writer: Jordan GaitherJordan Gaither – Voice Artist & Script Writer
Jordan has worked as a voice artist on a wide variety of projects, from children’s e-books to international video games, commercial advertisements, technical readings, documentary narration and more! Bringing a formidable baritone and an even more-formidable roster of character voices to the job, Jordan is a voice over ‘chameleon’, capable of adapting his voice to fit the needs of the project.

He is also an accomplished script writer and writes many of the scripts you hear in the Fire Starter Videos portfolio.

Listen to Jordan

Voice Artist: Cynthia P ColbyCynthia P. Colby – Voice Artist/Writer

From serious and focused to playful and light-hearted, Cynthia Colby's flexible and enticing voice is guaranteed to make people sit up and take notice. You want exciting, whimsical, offbeat, serious or off-the-wall – you'll get it with Cynthia. Her voice has been enlivening videos, radio & TV commercials, audio books, and eLeaning projects for over 15 years.

Cynthia's well-developed writing skills have enhanced media projects of all kinds: videos, flashes, radio & television commercials, training programs, songs and more – for clients around the world. She has a quirky sense of humour which adds that special something to make a great script, unforgettable. Most recently, she was the script writer for the award winning GPS & Relativity video from the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

Listen to Cynthia

Voice Artist: Robert LeachRobert Leach
After a distinguished 25 year law enforcement career, Robert was at last able to devote himself to his passion as a writer and voice artist. He has written numerous articles and had a regular column in a national magazine. He went on to train with some of the top LA voice talent instructors. His warm “approachable expert” manner is regularly heard on Clear Channel Radio stations around the country and in dozens of corporate presentations for clients all over the globe.

He is equally at home narrating children’s interactive books, or technical military presentations. He is the booth director and sound editor for his teen daughter and ten year old son who themselves have credits that include Sunchips, Mattel, Microsoft, The Los Angeles Zoo and the last Star Trek film.

Listen to Robert

Voice Artist: Erin SetchErin Setch
Fresh Female Voice Artist. That’s what Erin is all about. If you’re looking for natural young to middle age, fun and confident female voice over – Erin’s your girl.

Her sound has been described as energetic, youthful, warm, caring, girl next door, cute and most importantly real.

As an award winning creative writer, Erin understands the intricacies of voiceover. Erin’s worked with many iconic brands such as Google, McDonalds, Coca-cola, YouTube, Blackberry, Adobe, Intel, Microsoft, Toys/Babies ‘R’ Us and many more. She’s authentic and unique while still maintaining a polished, professional sound.

Listen To Erin

Voice Artist: Hevin HamptonHevin Hampton
Hevin started acting at seven years old (some would call it goofing off) but to Hevin it was his creative outlet. By age eleven, Hevin went from class clown to appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for winning a national video contest. Fast forward to today and Hevin is now acting in feature length films, national commercials and doing voice over for major companies such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Kroger, Doritos, and Nintendo just to name a few. This year Hevin voiced a radio spot that won a Gold Addy and a ‘Best of Radio' award. Casting directors, producers and clients alike love Hevin's young, friendly, conversational guy next door energy.

Listen To Hevin

Voice Artist: Phil SnyderPhil Snyder – Voice Artist
Phil Snyder is the official voice artist of the classic Disney character, Jiminy Cricket, and Mattel Toysâ„¢ wildly popular Stinky the Garbage Truck. His characters are also heard on the likes of WB Network’s Pinky & the Brain, Columbia TriStar’s The Wind in the Willows as Mr. Toad, and Ronald McDonald’s Adventure series. His voice is heard on numerous TV & radio commercials and interactive games. As a standup comedian Phil headlined at some of the most famous comedy venues in Los Angeles, including The Comedy Store. Millions of Phil’s comedy ringtones have been sold by some of the major carriers, like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. Phil has a Master of Fine Arts degree from California State University Los Angeles, and his thesis film, a documentary entitled Now I See, is being submitted for distribution.
Listen to Phil Snyder
Voice Artist: Robert KramerRobert Kramer – Voice Artist With A Difference
Robert Kramer was born and raised in beautiful downtown Sherman Oaks, California. He grew up with movies (the great ones) watching them run from a 16mm projector in the living room. At 17 years old his drama teacher referred him to his agent, was signed up the day they met and a month later got a nice (but small) part in a feature film for Universal. Two months later Robert got a starring role in a feature film for Columbia Pictures for producer-director Stanley Kramer. From there he did alot of guest shot roles on different tv shows, did a pilot for ABC television (that didn’t sell) and then went into voice overs such as the voice of “Mother” for the remake of “psycho” for Gus van Zant. Also AT&T, Disney channel, lots of dubbing for other actors woman and men’s voices.
Kramer has great range to be able to do men’s and woman’s & kids voices.

Listen to Robert Kramer

Voice Artist: Darren DarnboroughDarren Darnborough – Voice Artist
Darren hails from London, UK and was educated at the University of London in Media Arts. He now lives in Los Angeles, where he works as an actor, host and writer. He has been seen and heard on many commercials around the world for major brands including XBox, McDonalds, Jeep, Bud Light and Comcast amongst others, and as a host on various shows and channels including QVC in the UK. This experience, mixed with his marketing knowledge from creating successful sales promotions company StuckForStaff.com, and a journalistic background helps him understand the specific needs and tones of marketing a product of service. Switching between educated authoritative Englishman, and young trendy exciting vocals will help give your videos an authentic British edge that your customers will trust.
Listen to Darren Darnborough
Voice Artist: Albert HensleyAlbert Hensley – American & British Accent
Albert has been in the voice industry since the late ’90’s, getting his first experience as a spot-on Jerry Seinfeld in an animated pilot for Fox Television.

From there, he continued to explore the wonderful world of voiceovers, providing voices for ABC, Mattel, Nike, Powerade, LasikPlus, Chipotle, Southwest Airlines, Walgreens, Starbucks, Altitude Sports & Entertainment, several NBA teams, and various extreme sports shows.

Outside of the corporate world, Albert has a wide variety of character voices as well, and has lent his repertoire to animated features, television pilots, and short films, not to mention other fun projects, including an educational website, designed by the Executive Producer of the Drew Carey Show.

Listen to Albert

Voice Artist: Antonia BathAntonia Bath – Brittish
Antonia hails from Hastings, East Sussex, England and has worked as an actor, singer and voiceover artist since graduating from UCLA's School of Theatre Film and Television.
Most recently seen singing in Cirque Berzerk at the Nokia in Los Angeles, Antonia has put her voice to Kahlil Gibran's “Madman” and numerous audiobooks from Random House including; “Founding Gardners”, “Alice in Wonderland” and “A Christmas Carol”.

Antonia’s voice has also been heard as Hermione for Warner Brothers Harry Potter merchandise,Skechers Shapeups,Norwegian Cruiselines, THX,Verizon and numerous commercials and videogames including; Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile and DiabloII .When not on the road or in her recording booth,Antonia can be found in Topanga Canyon, California.
Listen to Antonia Bath

Voice Artist: Brad ArnoldtBrad Arnoldt (Arny) – Australian accent
Brad has the quintessential Australian voice that can accommodate both professional reads and the famous “Aussie Okar” theme. Brad is a traffic reporter, Dad, Golfer and occasional stand-up comedian.
Listen to Brad
Voice Artist: Andie CrookAndie Crook – Australian Voice
When you need an Australian female voice over with some real vibe, Andie will deliver!

Her voice can add that refreshing, sassy, modern, youthful, friendly, flirty or stylish feeling to your project.

Importantly, delivered in the the style that best represents your product or brand – conversational, formal, fun, serious or natural – you name it.

Andie’s versatility and professionalism has seen her work with brands in Australia and America including: Darrell Lea, Target, Noodlebox, Cadbury, Wagamama, 7/11, Cedel, KMart, OptiSlim, DMG Radio Network, Southern Cross Austereo Radio Network and many more.

As well as being a Voice Over Artist, Andie is a professional Radio Broadcaster based in Melbourne Australia, and Creative Writer and Podcaster.

Listen to Andie Crook

Voice Artist: Leon DelaneyLeon Delaney – Voice Artist (Australian)
Leon Delaney is currently employed as the promo and segment producer on the John Laws Morning Show (Australia’s most famous radio star) on 2SM and the Supernetwork, and steps into the presenter’s chair whenever Mr. Laws is away from the Golden Microphone.

From 2003 to 2010 Leon presented his own talkback show on 2SM Sydney and regional stations across New South Wales and southern Queensland, from 9am till midday, Monday to Friday, with talkback, interviews, opinions, and sometimes a little music. Everyone from Prime Ministers to pop stars appeared on the show, but the most important guest was always the audience calling the talkback line.

Leon’s career in broadcasting began in 1980 at 4SB in Kingaroy Queensland, where he played top 40 hits during the week and ran a country request show on Saturdays. Over the years Leon has worked as announcer, journalist, newsreader, producer, and programme manager at radio stations in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. He has also worked as an actor, voiceover artist, writer, audio engineer, roadie, video editor, camera operator, nightclub DJ, and lecturer.

Listen to Leon

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