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White board animation companies. The good, the bad and the ugly.

White board animation is fast growing trend that is particularly effective in engaging and retaining viewer interest. Unlike a cartoon animation, white board animation unfolds as the narrative progresses. It draws the watcher in in a fashion unlike any other form of animated video production. Here’s a great example of a video we made.

Who’s who in the zoo of white board animation companies?

At Fire Starter Videos we have earned a reputation as one of the leading US white board animation companies because we understand the power of a great narrative and we know how to organize the visual elements in such a way as to retain viewer interest.

We are not alone though. The US is home to several other very high quality white board animation studios but none compete at our price point. Typically our competitors start at three times our price and go up as high as ten times our price. A little research will reveal this fact.

See samples of our white board animations.

Samples of our work can be viewed here.

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