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What are the advantages to white board animation?

Each type of animation, from cartoon to info-graphic, has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. White board animation excels at creating a more intimate atmosphere for the audience. The viewer literally sees you drawing out your ideas. They get to be a part of that creative process. Generally, white board animation has fewer “scenes” than other types of animation as a result of this. But the viewer gets to spend a lot longer looking at each scene. With that in mind, choosing the right visuals for your audience is absolutely key to making an effective white board animation.

What are the disadvantages to white board animation?

The obvious disadvantage to white board animation is that there are fewer scenes to work with. Meaning you have fewer chances to really hook your audience and get your message across. White board animation also lacks the range of motion seen in cartoon animation and info-graphic animation. In other words, what you draw on the board tends to stay where you put it. These are important things to consider when deciding to make an animated video.

white board animation
In spite of its limitations, white board animation can still look great!

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