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White board animation – the growing trend…

White board animation is an art form that is quickly growing in popularity. Everyday, new animation companies are popping up offering the service, but there is much more to it than simply being able to draw and use a program like Adobe After Effects.

It’s all about communication

At the end of the day, effective videos all about communication. What are the key messages that need to be communicated, in what order and how? Should you start with your offer or frame your message in a problem? Is white board animation the best style or is cartoon animation better? Does it make a difference if the video is consumer-facing or business-facing and if so, what’s better?

What is white board animation particularly good for?

In our view, white board animation is really effective for some types of videos and not for others. It depends greatly on the nature of what you are explaining and to whom you are explaining it.

Things to consider

First, white board animation is limited in regard to what you can do with movement and expression. For example, if your voice over says, Bob gets frustrated with his current widget – in white board animated videos you can only draw a picture of Bob with a frustrated look on his face. With cartoon animation on the other hand, you could should Bob’s cheeks getting red and steam coming out of his ears as he is using the widget that might be breaking on the screen.

However, if you are explaining a process, the incremental sketching of a scribe or white board video can allow the viewer to see the process develop line by line as the hand draws the idea which can be extremely compelling.

Why use Fire Starter Videos?

When you choose us, we take the time to really understand the context of your video, the nature of your product or service and most importantly, the mindset and aptitude of your target audience.

Please contact us today for an obligation free chat regarding your needs. We’d love to help you out!

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