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Here’s an example of one of our whiteboard animation videos.


Fire Starter Videos is on of America’s leading whiteboard animation companies for good reason.

When it comes to finding a great whiteboard animation studio, there’s a only a few high quality companies to choose from. Of those, Fire Starter Videos is by far the most affordable, at roughly one third the price of several other leading whiteboard animation companies. That being said, price isn’t the only reason why organizations including MasterCard, the World Bank, UNICEF, Cigna Healthcare and many others trust us to do their whiteboard animation videos.

Quality writers, talented artists and creative animators, have made Fire Starter Videos one of the top whiteboard animation companies in the industry.

Over the last few years, whiteboard animation has evolved a great deal, and Fire Starter has been at the forefront of that change. These days, Fire Starter Videos has become famous for pioneering new techniques that include the integration of live-action footage and even cartoon animation, right along side whiteboard animation.

This evolution has attracted all kinds of businesses, including small businesses who now embrace the animation style to explain how their products and services work.

Here’s an example of a video we made for a roof repair company in San Diego. Notice the seamless integration of static whiteboard animation and cartoon animation?

If you can dream it, we can probably make it happen.


Why choose whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation videos are a fantastic way to differentiate your message from the efforts of your competitors. The simple fact is, people hate reading stuff and if presented with a choice between text or video, most people will take video. That being said, high quality whiteboard animation videos are a whole other thing. Done well, these kinds of videos are in a league of their own when it comes to getting and keeping viewer attention.

Why is Fire Starter Videos one of the top whiteboard animation companies?

At Fire Starter Videos we make whiteboard animation videos based on a deep understanding of your product or service, taking into account the context of where your video will be used as well as an understanding of who your customer is. We don't just shoot from the hip. We take the time to understand all of these things before putting pens to whiteboards.

Contact us today so we can show you why we are one of America’s most popular whiteboard animation companies that produces whiteboard animation videos for a fraction of the cost of almost all of our competitors.

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