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Sample whiteboard animation

What separates Fire Starter Videos from other whiteboard animation studios?

Over the years, whiteboard animation has evolved. It used to be that you would hire an artist to draw your ideas onto a whiteboard while the camera rolled. You would then edit the recording in post production, often speeding the drawing up to match the voice over.

These days that’s all changed. Now, through programs like Adobe After Effects, artists draw each frame by hand and then edit the still images together. This gives artists, and the businesses they work for, much greater scope to be creative.

In the video above, you can see that we have integrated color, movement and special effects to bring a whole new life to the otherwise flat whiteboard animation format.

How much do whiteboard animation studios charge?

The prices for whiteboard animation videos vary greatly. At the low end, you might pay a few hundred dollars for an offshore artist, where English is a second language and their commercial experience with western businesses is limited. Here in the United States, prices start at around $3,000 for the first minute, and go up to about $10,000 for the first minute, depending on the studio you choose.

That being the case, Fire Starter Videos is one of the most affordable whiteboard animation studios in America.

How long does a whiteboard animation video take to make?

The best guide to timing is on this page of our website. On average, assuming fast turn around times from the client, whiteboard animation videos take between 6 and 8 weeks to produce.

If you need a killer whiteboard animation video made for your business, then reach out today. We’d love to help you!

Whiteboard Animation Studios
Due to the limited amount of color used, whiteboard animation studios like Fire Starter Videos must find other ways to keep their audiences engaged

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