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Whiteboard animation is sweeping the Internet.

Whiteboard animation is one the hottest marketing tools in the world right now. First made popular by internet giants like Google and Skype who used the method to explain their products and services to the masses, whiteboard animation (otherwise known as high speed sketch videos, scribe videos or doodle videos) engages viewer’s curiosity through progressively revealing a visual narrative one scene at a time.

Are whiteboard animation videos actually drawn live on camera?

What many people don’t know is that almost all whiteboard animation studios (including Fire Starter Videos) hand-draw the entire video in advance and then animate the hand in afterwards, making it appear as if the video is being sketched live. This gives the creators greater control over their video because it is not recorded by a real human being in one sitting.

Do whiteboard animation videos cost more than cartoon animation videos?

Not at Fire Starter! Here we charge the same price for all style of animated videos. As a result of our high quality work and standardised pricing, Fire Starter Videos has become famous for creating awesome whiteboard animation videos that have been seen by viwers around the world.

How long should my whiteboard animation be?

There is no hard-and-fast rule about this. It varies depending on the context of your video, who your audience is and how engaging the subject matter is. The key is to write an engaging, viewer-focused script and then think about the visual components afterwards. We can guide you in this regard should you choose to engage our services.

Is whiteboard animation better than cartoon animation?

Again, this depends on many variables. In some cases whiteboard animation can be better where in others, cartoon animation or even live-action film is best. Be sure to discuss this with our sales representative when you reach out to us.

Contact us today to learn how whiteboard animation can be used to better explain your product or service.

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