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Here's an awesome whiteboard explainer video for a healthcare company. The subject matter is bit dry and the video goes on for almost nine minutes, so whiteboard animation was really the best option. Studies have shown that whiteboard videos have a higher viewer retention rate for videos over 90 seconds long than any other form of animation.

The imagery used in this video is humorous enough to keep viewers engaged, but simple enough not to distract from the narrative. Here at Fire Starter, we work hard to attain that level of synergy between script and visuals for all of our videos. This video is chock full of abstract concepts and technical jargon so our artists worked hard to craft an easy-to-follow visual narrative, and the results speak for themselves! Whether you want a cartoon explainer video, a whiteboard, or any one of the other great animated explainer video styles we offer, we'll make sure your video looks fantastic and gets your message across clearly!

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