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What is the right length for an animated explainer video?

This is a question we get all the time. The animated video above is a winner firstly because it isn’t too long. It’s 91 seconds. If you are currently writing a video script, then you need to have about 240 words to hit the 90 second mark. As a rule of thumb, professional voice artists read at about 2.7 words per second.

The power of cartoon animation v whiteboard animation…

The next great thing about this video is that it showcases the power of cartoon animation. What I mean is that it leverages the power of movement. Notice how the guy’s hair starts disappearing while the clock spins? It is this “entertainment of the mind” that keeps viewer interest and tells the story on a visual level as well as an auditory level. In whiteboard animation you don’t have quite that amount of visual flexibility because the characters being drawn are usually static.

The video script trusts the viewer…

This script has been approached from a creative view-point, not a literal one. In this example the client trusted us by allowing us to illustrate an old world machine that produces buy and sell signals for the stock market. The client knows that his clients are smart enough to know that it is not literally a 1950’s machine doing this work. This subtle messaging creates a bond with the watcher on a subconscious level that says, “We know that you’re not stupid and we are giving you a break from all the techie stuff so you can just focus on what you want – buy or sell signals”.

The video connects with the viewer by relating to their very real problems and emotions…

Notice how in the first portion of this explainer video, the script hits on several very specific frustrations that the target audience is likely to be experiencing? These guys KNOW what their customer’s pain points are and then they press on them – only to quickly provide relief through their technology. This pain before pleasure principle is as old as time. If you link your product or service to the removal of pain, you will do far better that just linking it to the addition of pleasure.

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